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Buyers need to hear your voice!

Experts agree that to sell more effectively on the web, buyers need to hear your voice. But adding audio to your website has always been a complex, and time-consuming process...


Absolutely Painless Audio Recording

No costly audio recording equipment or software purchases are required.

Recording is as easy as using your PC microphone, or your telephone to call into our exclusive members-only recording service.

Save the audio and it is immediately ready for play and posting to your website.

Use your computer to record an audio without using up your disk space.

Just click the "Record" button then speak into the Microphone. Re-record the audio as many times as you like then save it. The audio is saved on our servers without ever using up your computer resources. When saved, the audio is immediately ready for play and posting to your website.

We'll even optimize the audio recording for you.

Once you save the audio, we optimize the audio for you automatically so that your listeners hear the very best audio possible.

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