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Frequently Asked Questions


What is BYOAudio?

BYOAudio is a flexible and full-featured multimedia platform. We offer a variety of services at a low monthly rate. Those services include (but are not limited to) multimedia hosting/publishing, conference call recording, testimonial, sizzle lines, and media analytics.


Who is BYOAudio for?

By design, BYOAudio caters to a wide array of users. Our basic services are perfect for Bloggers and Direct Sales Marketers, while our higher end accounts could manage multimedia on a Business or Corporate level.


Do I need Technical Knowledge to Use BYOAudio?

No. In fact, BYOAudio was designed from the ground up to be as intuitive as possible. The only thing you need to know is COPY and PASTE to use our players on your websites because we assemble all the HTML code for you.


What does BYOAudio offer for Professional Developers?

We haven't left professionals out! The main benefit of using BYOAudio as a professional or freelance developer is our powerful server architecture and quick upload speeds. Reproducing our architecture would cost an individual or business a LOT of money.


Will the players look good on my website?

Our generic players will typically fit the bill, but if you have something specific in mind we have a Player Theme Builder. If you have a spefic color scheme or space constraints, our builder will allow you to coordinate quickly and easily.


Why does BYOAudio use Flash for multimedia delivery?

Adobe Flash Player has the highest adoption rate (99%) which ensures that the most people possible will be able to experience your audio and video files!


Can people with iPhones and iPads see my media?

Of course! When you publish your audio or video files using BYOAudio, we automatically detect what device is viewing your player and present it in a way that they can see it. For instance, if a user on an iPad (which doesn't have a flash player) attempts to view your video, we will present it in a compatible HTML5 player.


This is our list of Questions that people tend to ask prior to signing up for BYOAudio. If you need more information, navigate to the Feature List where you can find a list of more specific feature pages.

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