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If you don't want to worry about applying your referral balance to your account, it is as simple as marking a checkbox, and we will charge your commissions instead of your credit card!

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Making Money with BYOAudio

Every BYOAudio user is able to earn affiliate commissions! There are many ways that you can earn commissions with BYOAudio. We have listed a few ways you can use your affiliate links below, but feel free to get creative.

Top Reasons to Affiliate with BYOAudio:

  1. 33% reoccurring commissions

    BYOAudio doesn't just pay you a flat rate per commissions. Every person you sign up gets you a cut every month for the life of their account.

  2. Commissions can be applied to your subscription

    Just check a box, and we will automatically try and apply your commissions to your account balance. 3 Referrals means your monthly subscription is waived!

  3. Use our tools to help you earn

    Our audio and video players are all equipped with an optional affiliate link, so you can passively market as you use BYOAudio.

My Affiliate URL

Your Affiliate URL is:

You are automatically identified as a sponsor if your referral first visits your affiliate URL before signing up for a BYOAudio account. You may use this affiliate url as often as you like as long as your account remains active. Send this URL to as many prospects as you like. There is no limit to how many referrals you may have.

Copy your affiliate link directly or type it out then paste it to your twitter facebook blogs ect...

Pasting your affiliate link Directly

You can also use any of our publishing options such as Website Audio, Video, and Podcasting to help build your affiliates! All customers that convert off our free trial yield a 33% commission to their referrer of their monthly subscription fee. We come up with new ways to help our affiliates earn commissions every day!

Social Networking

A major advantage that affiliate marketers have with BYOAudio is our compatibility with social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Taking advaantage of this is as easy as copying your affiliate URL and pasting it into these various platforms. Anyone who signs up after clicking the link gives your referral credit!

Using our Affiliate Banners

We're trying to add new ways for our affiliates to earn revenue with BYOAudio. The most recent addition is Affiliate Banners!

If you have an account, simply navigate to our Affiliate Banners page, copy the text of the banner you want to use, and paste it to your website, blogs, or html e-mails. Anyone who clicks the banners is automatically directed to your affiliate landing page and cookied.

Using one of our Affiliate Players

You may elect to use an Affiliate Player to advertise the BYOAudio service directly from the audio or video player embeded on your website. Clicking on the BYOAudio link on these players will launch a new browser window pointing to your personal BYOAudio Affiliate Landing-Page.

All BYOAudio players (video included) with a transparent bug or bar link will direct to your BYOAudio affiliate landing-page. Once they visit that page they are cookied, and if they sign up any time after that up to 30 days you will receive the referral credit.

Affiliate commissions may only be collected current BYOAudio subscribers